Center for Teaching & Learning Development

  Director's Message

The importance of supporting and developing higher education is motivated by its connection to social development.
This development is based on two foundations:
(1) The ideas, experiences, and pioneering experiments in the field of education, in addition to the latest trends in education and training, which have been studied and evaluated in order to select the best amongst them.
(2) The implementation of the aforementioned selected ideas and trends within training programs.
Faculty development programs must be on a par with the latest developments in the field, keeping in mind the faculty member's abilities and skills and their development potential. This enables faculty to achieve the maximum benefit from educational motivation techniques and elicits creativity, deduction, reflection, dialogue management skill development, academic discussions, problem analysis, continuing assessment, the use of modern technology, and education environment management. Faculty development is, in fact, an investment in their students' conduct, skills, and intellect.
The Center for Teaching & Learning Development is considered one of the cornerstones supporting education development at King Abdulaziz University. It has been assigned the task of improving both teaching and learning at the university through providing state-of-the-art programs to improve the abilities and skills of KAU faculty. It also provides programs for faculty holding academic leadership positions in order to develop their leadership performance and their decision making skills. In addition, the Center also offers programs and training courses for graduate students to equip them with the necessary academic and research skills and develop their intellectual abilities.
In conclusion, it is my hope that this website will serve as a communication forum with KAU faculty, where they can find useful, updated resources and not hesitate in sharing their opinions and suggestions in order for us to work hand-in-hand for the best interest of the Center and the University.

Dr. Saad Barki Al-Masoudi
Director of the Center for Teaching and Learning Development

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