Center for Teaching & Learning Development

  Preparation of the scholarship

Objectives of the Course
- Prepare and orient the teaching assistants and lecturers for the task for which they will be sent abroad InshALLAH.

- Introduce them to the purpose for which they were granted scholarship, the necessary procedures and essential requirements of the scholarship.
- Enlighten the faculty scholar on how to adapt to the communities where he/she will reside from the legal point of view related to overseas and the state where he/she studies.
- Help the faculty scholar know about the laws and regulations of studying in foreign universities.
- Give the faculty scholar an idea about the library services and the databases and explain how to deal with them.
- Help them acquire experience by exposing previous students’ experiences who returned from abroad.
- Show the faculty scholars how to write a research project and enlighten them on scientific honesty in research and on the importance of obtaining one’s degree with competence.

The Program’s Most Important Topics
1. The personal strategies of faculty scholars.
2. How to get an academic admission?
3. My experience with scholarship
4. The scholarship student and the cultural communication.
5. Scholarship regulations and procedures.
6. Admission tests to International Universities.
7. How to protect yourself from academic piracy?
8. How to master English language?


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