Center for Teaching & Learning Development

  Development Projects

What are the development projects?
They are a range of initiatives that the center started preparing earlier or some developmental ideas formulated by the center and implemented by the project management.
The center has already a distinctive experience in presenting the developmental initiatives concerning educational development. This includes the first version of the communication skills training subject for all university students, the preparation and application of students’ questionnaires regarding the teaching process and the preparation of the first version of the professional charter of the University teacher.

Project Management: Why and How?
Success and distinction are achieved by the creative and daring administration; hence a bright start from the part of the management center. It has actually decided to use the method of project management that relies on developmental initiatives. Our decision is a creative and practical idea that deals with educational and intellectual issues. Our purpose is to find solutions for the leading and creative ideas that were not well exploited or not yet executed.
The way we deal with our projects will allow us InshALLAH to execute at least 10 developmental ideas (10 projects) during the current year with high quality and a creator’s style.

The Center’s Office of Project Management
We started with the center’s decision to nominate an executive manager and his deputy for projects. An executive strategy was also traced, and then we prepared the work environment with a specialized training course “Professional Project Management”. After that, we started working straightly on four basic projects that present developmental initiatives and a fifth project concerned with the work environment including a number of partial projects. We also chose some male and female competent project directors and we professionally formulated the project documents in a way that makes each project have its own clear and precise criteria.

Our Creative Team…and our developmental Projects
- The Executive Manager of Projects: Fareed Samkari
- The Deputy Director of the Project Management: Sultan Hamoud Al-Masudi

Diploma of Professional Development for the University Teacher
It is an induction, training, developmental and complete program which supports the new faculty members to accomplish their role as University teachers by equipping them with the essential skills, knowledge and basic principles in the field of University Education.

Creative Project Management
Such project represents the shift in the center’s management. It is a project concerned with the execution of a number of activities which target is to renew and create work environment systems to ensure the success of the strategic shift of the center.

Male and Female Faculty Scholar, the Center’s Experts
It is an executive unit that deals with the experiences and the benefits drawn from the Faculty scholars during their scholarship period so that they become as experts specialized in the center’s different areas.

The Forum of the leading and developmental experiences in the University Learning and Teaching
It is a forum on the level of Saudi Universities that deals with the successful experiences and distinctive expertise in the field of University Learning and Teaching development on the college and quarters levels. The overall objective of this forum is to enrich the academic environment with stimulating models of experiences and expertise in this area.

The Outstanding University Teacher Award
It is an annual award offered by King Abdulaziz University to the faculty member who provides a distinct and creative model in the teaching process. The award is kindly supported by Jeddah Governor. It is designed for all the colleges and also for the University as a whole.

King Abdulaziz Electronic Training Platform
Through this platform, we provide academic lectures and training courses in various and different scientific and professional fields with the open electronic learning mode.

Directors of Projects

The Professional Diploma of the University Teacher: Noriman Kashkari
The Center’s Experts: Male and Female Scholar Faculty: Bandar Majdoui Alshehri
The Outstanding University Teacher Award: Ahmad Barik Assahli

The Platform of King Abdulaziz University Electronic Training: Imed Ahmad Ghamdi and Asaad Said Al-Abbassi
The Forum of the leading and developmental experiences in the University Education: Mohammad Abdullah Al-Ada
The Office of the Center’s Management Transition: Projects Admnistration.
The creation of the Center’s New Identity: Sultan Hammoud Al-Masudi
Developing the Admission System for the training programs- Mounira Abdel Mohsen All-Khayyel
Developing the Center’s Electronic Site- Ferial Mohammad Ashshobi and Wejdan Al-Habashi
Center’s Facilities Equipment for the new activities: Abdurrahman Hassan Al-Jehani and Yasser Al-Ghamdi
Updating the Center’s Quality System- Abdulhadi Amer Assefari

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