Center for Teaching & Learning Development

  The Teaching Assistants’ Training program

 The preparatory program

Target group
Teaching Assistants and Lecturers wishing to have internal scholarships or joint supervision students of all scientific and literary disciplines.

First Recommendation
The program is under the umbrella of the University Education Development Center in terms of organization and preparation. As for the design of content and reference, it is done in collaboration with the Deanship of Graduate Studies.

Second Recommendation
It is recommended that the program be re-designed according to the following criteria:/span>
First, raise the English language minimum score in IELTS to (5) and TOEFL to (500)
Second, determine the level of students according to their IELTS or TOEFL scores.

Score: ranging from 5 to 6
Attendance program: to attend the English Course + scientific writing classes

Score: more than 6
Attendance program: To attend scientific writing classes only

Subjects to be included in the program
English language, research methodology, academic writing, and statistics. The students of Scientific and Theoretical Departments will be taken into consideration.

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