Center for Teaching & Learning Development

   University Professional Development Diploma for University Instructor - Introduction

Program Introduction
The program is a comprehensive introductory training development program which supports newly-appointed faculty in fulfilling their role as university instructors by providing them with skills, knowledge, and basic principles of university-level teaching.

Program Objectives
• Develop and enhance the professional abilities of newly-appointed faculty to fulfill their learning and teaching responsibilities for the purposes of effective integration into the university learning environment to the best of the academic process.
• Enhance the outcomes of the educational process, one of whose cornerstones is faculty.
• Establish learning communities consisting of experienced and newly-appointed faculty.
• Establish the concepts of sustainable development in learning and teaching to serve university trends.

The Educational Outcomes of the Program

After successfully passing the program, the trainee should be able to:
• Be aware of the concept of university education within the framework of the national qualifications in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
• Formulate clear descriptions of the academic curricula they teach.
• Apply various student-centered, rather than teacher-centered, teaching and learning strategies.
• Efficiently utilize educational technologies inside and outside the classroom.
• Assess the educational outcomes anticipated from students in a manner that ensures the satisfactory achievement of the educational objectives of the curriculum.
• Improve their teaching performance by applying teaching and learning best practices based on the standards of the National Commission for Academic Accreditation and Assessment.

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