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The development of higher education is the cornerstone of achieving advancement, which prepares us to assert our presence in the world with the help of high-quality educational outcomes. King Abdulaziz University has dedicated all its staff and resources to reach the desired development of higher education, which is the true measure of success of any academic institution. It has provided the requirements of change and continuous assessment for academic work in general, and created the optimal environment and vision to support the professional and skill-based growth of faculty in all campuses and sectors. In addition, KAU has encouraged building bridges of intellectual communication in order to exchange successful visions and ideas in the field of higher education development so they can be implemented in real life.
Today it is our honor to have you attend the Teaching and Learning Development Experience Exchange Forum at your sector, which we hope will be beneficial to all.

Development representatives from KAU colleges and campuses, as well as faculty and academic leaders interested in academic development.

The forum aims at showcasing unique experiences which have made a difference in improving the quality of teaching and learning at KAU:
• Following the Center's motto, Learn to Advance, which was the inspiration behind the forum.
• Asserting the importance of exchanging experiences in the academic field in order to benefit from the ideas being discussed in the improvement of teaching and learning in a scientific, well-planned manner.
• Strengthening the relationship between KAU faculty members in an atmosphere that supports developing the university's academic performance.
• Benefitting from successful experiences being showcased by explaining them to the audience before copying them and implementing them at KAU.
• Showcasing initiatives and experiences through presentations and documentation.
• Assessing the level of success of the forum using a questionnaire which will be distributed after the forum has concluded its events, in addition to a report which will evaluate its success as a prerequisite for repeating it over the coming years.

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