Center for Teaching & Learning Development

  Center Foundation


Ever since its establishment, King Abdulaziz University has recognized the fact that investing in human capital would pave the road to its desired success and proving its worth as a major teaching and research institution with a marked contribution to achieving development in the knowledge community.

To this end, KAU established the Center for Teaching and Learning Development as one of the most important sectors concerned with the quality of the performance of its employees, particularly faculty. The Center is responsible for improving the level of teaching and learning at the University.

The Center is one of the cornerstones of academic development. It organizes activities, forums, and seminars aimed at improving the educational process, which target faculty and individuals holding similar positions, such as lecturers and teaching assistants, as well as graduate students.

The Center has been liaising with all KAU sectors and campuses since its establishment in order to meet the training needs of KAU faculty. This is achieved through offering relevant, up-to-date information in the fields of education, teaching, technology, and research. The Center also develops the level of academic leadership performance, both in teaching and administration, as well as providing graduate and undergraduate students with the necessary intellectual skills to navigate the higher education experience with excellence. 

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