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   University Professional Development Diploma for University Instructor - Mentoring

Mentoring in University Development Diploma Program for University Instructor
The program adopted training philosophy in real educational process within the classroom and outside, to develop the newly-hired faculty member’s teaching skills by giving the trainee the chance to apply what he learned within and outside the classroom and follow a qualified mentor with a distinguished experience in teaching and learning, and well-chosen trainee according to the selection criteria defined in the previous initialization encounters. The trainee is monitored through field visits by the mentor and present counseling and follow up the targeted skills growth of the trainee. The stage of field applications takes four months during which four meetings are held at the Centre of Teaching & Learning Development and three meetings with the mentor and many field visits.
Merging the mentoring strategy in the program (University Professional Development Diploma Program for University Instructor) is one of the added values to this development diploma for the development of University instructor's potential through counseling, encouraging, supporting and assisting trainee, to guarantee their roles in the four main areas of teaching
and learning.

Importance of Mentoring

Choosing Mentors Mechanism
Mentoring Process Steps

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