Center for Teaching & Learning Development

   University Professional Development Diploma for University Instructor - Trainee Guide

Faculties' Responsibilities:
• Provide the center with the names of faculty members according to these enrollment conditions:
 o He/She must be a Saudi citizen.
 o He/She has to have the rank of a Teacher Assistant at least.
 o His/Her university teaching experience should not fall behind one semester nor should it  exceed three years.
 o The trainee should be totally free during the program’s training.
 o The trainee should have an academic load during the semester he/she takes the training in.
• Give support to trainees and mentors during and after the program.
• Nominate mentors and give approval on the mentor’s names provided by the trainees.

General Instructions:
Those enrolled in the diploma should abide by these things:
Ø Abide by the timing of attendance and leave according to the program’s schedule and to attend the complete diploma.
Ø Abide by the effective participation and complete all assignments required in the training then apply the theories in field application.
Ø Abide by the monthly meetings.
Ø Give opinion about the questionnaires and fill them.
Ø Effective cooperation with the mentor to achieve the benefit.
Ø Submit passing diploma requirements, which are: achievement file, mentoring file, professional development plan.

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Last Update 5/2/2016 3:29:45 PM