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  The Forum of Academic Production

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        The Forum of Academic Production

Perfection and Improvement of the University Teaching and Learning.

Provide an effective and distinctive scientific, cultural and social environment to support and enhance the educational and research processes with the aspiration of forming an educational society full of solidarity, scientific and employment parity. Such targets could be achieved through consolidating relations and exchanging experiences with faculty members to reach the highest ranks of excellence.

- Increase ambitions in spreading the culture of Higher Education.
- Improve the creative capacities and expand the knowledge perceptions in the areas of modern education by taking advantage of the researches and the experiments presented.
- Exchange constructive views between faculty members through the development of positive relations, team spirit and collaborative work.
- Support and encourage faculty members to diversify and develop their teaching methods in order to cope and comply with the era’s requirements.
- Invest in technology to support and expand the horizons of education and come up with a qualified teaching and learning for the University Community.
- Spread the culture of e-learning and distant learning and indicate its leading role in supporting the education process at Universities that should be in line with the quality standards.

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